Mark Mironyuk

Mark Mironyuk

My legal last name includes the grayed-out part,
but I almost always leave it off for online accounts.

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About me

I’m a UI Engineer with a love for React, clean code, and user research.

One of the things I still love about programming after all these years is how incredible it is that a person could be trying to get something done, but the problem isn’t exactly with either the features or the user. There’s a gap. And thinking about how to close that gap is a source of constant fascination for me.

For example. Is the user confused? We can solve it with better documentation. This is a low complexity solution. If the user is going to be going through that flow again and again, it might be more worth investing in documentation rather than improving the flow itself.

Then again, if the flow is critical, then a confusing interface is going to make onboarding new users and customers more expensive. So there’s a tradeoff. And there’s this tension between investing in existing users vs. new useers.

The gap between the user and the product is not the only gap. Collaboration is the key, and I hope to foster that with the people I work with.